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Dumpster Deodorant plus Citronella
Dumpster D plus C is formulated with special odor absorbing granules and Citronella (proven to deter annoying flying insects). This unique and safe formula works fast, is long-lasting and neutralizes odors on contact. Use to quickly and effectively deodorize garbage dumpsters, trash cans, containers and compactors and garbage collection trucks. Simply shake or spread into or around dumpsters, garbage containers and musty areas. Big D Dumpster D plus C is noncorrosive, safe to use and biodegradable, making it environmentally and user friendly.
16 oz shaker can packed 12/case.

Odor Management Systems
For Trash Containers

One of the major sources of public complaints are
odors emanating from trash containers and trash
collection areas.
Designed to work through diaphragm pumping
systems, foggers, tank sprayers or trigger sprayers,
these systems will provide the most effective application
of liquid odor counteractants. By continually
attacking the source of the odor, the problem will
be eliminated. Liquid deodorants designed to be
applied in these systems are:
Water Soluble Deodorant – A highly effective liquid
concentrate available in several fragrances.
Deodorant Concentrate – An economy grade liquid
For continuous deodorization and/or absorption.
These products are manufactured from naturally
occurring minerals or biodegradable substances.
Products available are:
Dumpster D plus C–Deodorizes and deters flying
Granular Deodorant – Destroys odors and absorbs
moisture in one operation.
Deodorant Powder – An excellent method of dry
 Trash Container Odor Maintenance

INITIAL PROCEDURE - The day the trash container
is emptied, apply a liquid odor counteractant
(Water Soluble Deodorant or Deodorant Concentrate)
to all interior surfaces of the container. Spread 1
pound per 5 sq. ft. of floor space of Dumpster D
+C, Granular Deodorant or Deodorant Powder on
the floor of the trash container.
DAY 2 - Apply 8 ounces of product per 5 sq. ft. of
floor space to contents of trash container.
DAY 4 - Apply 8 ounces of product to contents of
trash container.
These procedures and the amount of product used
will vary with the amount of trash in the container
and the severity of the odor problem.

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