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We once thought of flying insects that invade our homes and business in the summer months were just a nuisance to be tolerated. However in recent years the spread of diseases like the West Nile Virus which is carried by Mosquito, and the rise in cases of salmonella and dysentery which is spread by flies  has given a greater sense of urgency to the control of flying insects. 

FirstChoiceOKC is your best choice to defend your home and protecting your family against these disease carrying  flying insects.  Regardless of your need, whether you are buying for your home or your business our diverse product range can be customized your particular needs. With over 17 years in business we have the experience to advise you on a solution that is right for you. 

We are a proud family owned and operated Oklahoma Company with a dedication to customer service and support.  When it comes to the health and safety of your family or your customers  you can trust FirstChoiceOKC.











  1. KM-50 Patio Insect Grid KM-50 Patio Insect Grid
  2. KM-240 Shop Style Electric Insect Killer Shop Light style Waterproof Insect Killer
    Shop Style Electric Insect Killer
  3. EL-57 Glueboard for , WS-95 EL-57 Glue Board Fits WS-95
    5"x17" White adhesive board 24/pack, fit...
  4. Bug Bulb Bug Bulb1
    -BugBulb provides bright white, ambient ...
  5. AG-241 Barn Electric Grid Trap AG-241
    AG-241 Barn Electric Grid Trap
  6. Shooter Water Based Insect Fogger Shooter Water Based Insect Fogger
    Quest ShooterTotal Release Room Fogger -...
  7. WS-95 Restaurant Wall Sconce Fly/Insect Light Trap WS-95B

    The WS-95 restaurant Fly Trap is a de...

  8. WS-85 White Wall Sconce wall mount light fly trap. WS-85

    WS-85 White Wall Sconce wall mount li...

  9. EL-60 Glueboard for WS-85, WS-95 El-06 Glue Board Fits WS-85
    4"x17" White adhesive board 10/pack, fit...